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Around the 70’s the building of Baia Toscana and Baia Etrusca began,In the middle of Follonica gulf, by the seaside near to Riotorto (LI) on a dune covered by centenarians pines the 33 apartements were born,. At the beginning it was just one holiday village but after a few years, for different minds of management, the two owners decided to split the village in two different ones, always keeping the same tour operator: “Hotelplan”.



At the end of the 70’s, to protect the two villages against the strong sea erosion, a breakwater in front of them was built. In the following years the two villages expanded like a cross because of the different ownerships .


At the end of the 90’s with its new swimming pool and entrance road Baia Toscana is completed. Thanks to all its guests for what Baia Toscana is now.